Rejuvenating Old Crafts

As the world develops, there is rapid progress in the way we create new products. While new technologies are introduced, older and traditional crafts are being forgotten and face the danger of extinction. In my work, I try to rejuvenate traditional textile techniques such as hand-weaving, knitting and dyeing - using different textiles and combining them with rough and industrial materials such as metals and plastics. All pieces explore the contrast between hard and soft, new and old, hi-tech and low-tech, light and heavy, matte and polished. In my first collection, I used hand weaving to assemble the different parts of metal, resulting in one-piece jewelry which comes off the loom ready-to-wear. The weaving of the threads created a strong fabric that kept the metal pieces tight and becomes the central “spine” for each piece. The weaving technique allowed the pieces to be free of any hoops as seen in any jewelry pieces. I continued to explore the relationship between metal and textile in the next collection, but this time by using laser cutting for shaping the fabrics. Each piece is manually assembled and dyed, composed of hundreds of small and delicate pieces of fabric which are tightened together by the metals. In my recent collection, I use hand knitting and crochet to further explore the correlation between metal and textile. Each piece is hand knit out of sterling silver chains and explores the way metal can become a soft textile piece. I strongly believe that besides aesthetics and design, jewelry can also tell a story through the different choices of materials and manufacturing processes. My story is about simplicity, tradition and change.

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